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A New Medicare Advantage Plan with ZERO costs

We've made your costs easy to remember.

$0 for (almost) everything.

Download our free and helpful guide to 2021 Medicare coverage, which includes the top things you must consider as you plan to enroll in or change your Medicare plan, a plan comparison chart, benefits details and much more!

    Zero Costs

    • Zero dollar hospital stays
    • Zero dollars for many common prescription drugs
    • Zero dollar telemedicine visits

    Zero Hassles

    • Comprehensive network of trusted physicians
    • Transportation to your appointments
    • NO REFERRALS required for specialists

    New Medicare plan with lots of extra benefits

    Save big on Medicare image

    To save big on Medicare just say no — to copays

    That's right, our new Medicare plan has no premiums and no copays for doctor visits, specialists, urgent care, hospitalization, and much more.

    Pay Nothing Prescription Image

    With prescriptions, paying nothing means everything

    We understand that prescription drugs are often an expensive healthcare necessity. That's why we've moved even more common prescription drugs to a $0 copay, including generic insulin!

    Extra Benefits Image

    Extra benefits you can sink your teeth into

    Not only do we cover the standard medical necessities, we've also added lots of extra benefits at no extra charge. That's a rich dental benefit, a fitness benefit you can use at home, plus coverage for glasses, hearing aids and more.

    In Network Image

    Why pay out-of-network costs when all the best doctors are in ours

    We work with some of the best doctors in the country and we have a very large network of primary care providers and specialists. We work closely with our doctors to make sure our members are getting the very best care possible so you can rest assured you are in great hands.

    Telemedicine Image

    Talk to a doctor 24/7, 365 days a year

    You have access to care wherever and whenever you need it through our telemedicine program. If you’re sick in the middle of the night, no problem. If you’re away from home, no problem. If you’re not sure whether you need a prescription or advice, no problem. You can talk to a doctor over the phone or on video when it's convenient for YOU.

    Health Plan with No Cost Image

    A health plan with no costs, and lots of extra help with living safely

    Your safety is our priority. We've expanded our at-home health benefits during this time of COVID-19 including: over-the-counter drug delivery, telemedicine, meal delivery (certain conditions apply), at-home exercise programs, $0 prescription drug delivery.

    Take the no-pay co-pay challenge today.